zondag 16 juli 2017

The Haul Report 90

While this week saw the arrival of my eagerly awaited washes, that wasn`t the only thing that arrived.

First off, my parents gave me a voucher for the local Games Workshop store, so of course I rushed over and grabbed me some figures and the newest White Dwarf.

I also received the Fulgrim novel, whom I picked up at ebay for a pound fifty, as my old copy has gone haywire over the years (karma will probably make it happen I`ll find it back next week).

Friday then saw two parcels arrive, the first by Wayland Games brought along said washes, together with some more State Troops.

The other parcel contained another "required gearpiece", with a laserpointer, which is a handy tool for games.  I also took along the female familiar, who will serve as a great deamon princess in Future War Commander, until I get my hands on a Fulgrim.

The final haul piece was an exchange I made friday at TSA.  A Lego set for a heap of older plastic State Troops, to further bolster ranks for the mega battle.

A good week for sure, and until next time!

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