zondag 23 juli 2017

Crisis 2017 limited edition figures revealed

The 2017 limited edition figure for Crisis has been unveiled, and here they are!

Sculpted once again by Paul Hicks, Tijl is a figure from the 14th century.

From our TSA Facebook page: 
Please find here Tijl Uilenspiegel. He' s the free figure for this year's Crisis.As always the run is limited to 1600 figures. So be on time if you want him. The two other figures can be bought for 10 euro. You will get Nele and Lamme Goedzak + base for the 3 figs in a box. This run is limited to 300 boxes. Clubmembers (only them) can reserve their extra figures with the committee.

He was a sort of a jester that travelled through the lowlands and germany, and said to have been born in Damme (Flanders), who's gotten mostly famous through the book of Charles de Coster, "De legende van Tijl Uilenspiegel".

The others are his travelling companions / romantic intrest, and I`m especially fond of the Lamme Goedzak figure, who will look awesome in settings of the early musketry era. 

Crisis takes place the 4th of november this year, once again in the Waagnatie in Antwerp.

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