maandag 3 juli 2017

Doctor Who season 10

The final season of show writer Moffat and of Capaldi as a most excellent Doctor ended this weekend, and contrary to speculation, he hasn`t regenerated yet.

Though it has begun already, and we know he won`t be able to stop it in the end with the Christmas Special.

But for me, Capaldi was a fantastic Doctor, even though the young whovians, high on the tenures of a Tennant or a Smith, think he was to old.  Peter Capaldi can deliver speeches I don`t see the younger ones succeed in, due to his age and "regality".  The one in the Zygon episodes, the one just this saturday with Missy and The Master... this is an actor with experience.

The season was a really good one, some say even the best of the Capaldi era, and we did indeed get some fantastic episodes.  For me the best, personally, was Knock Knock, which featured David Suchet (I grew up on his Hercule Poirot portrayal) and had that Gothic Horror feel to it, together with a strong duo of "episode leads".

The season saw some strong linked episodes, both with the monk invasion on the Earth, and the two part finale resulting in how the actual Cybermen where created.  This ties Capaldi to the first doctor (remember, ever incarnation has one of the pre-reset doctors they mirrored themselves to, for Tennant this was clearly Davison for example, the 5th, based on the actors own childhood "doctor") and the christmas special seems to be going to take place at the moment the first Doctor will regenerate - watch The Tenth Planet for getting the reference of the closing moments of the finale.

It was a highly enjoyable ride, and Clara was replaced firmly this season with the companion duo of Bill Potts who brought the awe in the role, and Nardole, who brought the comic relief and tech wizz. 

Now to look forward on who will become the newest Doctor!

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  1. To be honest I know a lot of people who do not like the Capaldi Doctor. I even stopped watching halfway through the last series. I might start watching again if there is a better actor in the role. Again I do not think Moffat is that greater writer with confusing plot line etc. Look at the last Sherlock series, again I and my better half stopped watching.

  2. I was lost already with Matt Smith. Strangely since I've been a fan since the mid 80s and I really thought Tennant was a peak where the Doctor became almost godlike. But after that (maybe it's Moffats' fault, but I won't declare it so) there seemed to become more concerned with superficial tropes than with a proper sense of mystery in the weirdness. Both Smith and Capaldi feel like actors playing the Doctor, rather than being him, if that makes any sense? :)

  3. I am one of those who is not a great fan of Capaldi and I'm on the wrong side of 50. Still he is so much better than those that followed Tom Baker until the new crop of Doctors (starting will Paul McGann). The very good though my only gripe would be that too many are based on earth.