vrijdag 21 juli 2017

Hochland Handgunners

Coming from the box I traded at the club last friday, I added some firepower to my small Order force.

I touched up the models to fit my Hochland main part of the force, and went for a small unit without command group, as I don`t expect them to be around long when faced with a few thousand points of opposition.

Adding a bit of variety compared to the swordsmen, these guys all have one sleeve in red, while the rest remains green for their uniforms.

The force now is beginning to reach completion, as it`ll be receiving a single 10 man unit still in the form of Militia, and then a Hag to "lead" the Dark Elf contignent of the force.  That will then give me a small but varied force, perhaps not the biggest in quality but with a good quantity of models to hopefully make a minor dent.

And now, time to paint on the next unit ;-)

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