zondag 30 juli 2017

Haul Report 92

Greetings all to another week of glorious hauls for the collection... including the start of a totally fresh one.

But that is for a bit further down...

The first thing I got was through a find on a local Facebook group, in the form of a boxed set of the old metal Mounted Chaos Marauders.  They are the first unit for the plan I unveiled earlier this week, to start and collect a Slaaneshi army in Age of Sigmar.  Or Warhammer / The Ninth Age for that matter... Coming my way at only 15 euro, that is about half the price these boxes are now going sealed on eBay.

A trip to the local Games Workshop also yielded some more paints, basically the Slaaneshi suited colours I forgot to bring along last week.

Another small parcel fell in the mailbox this week, with some little additions for the Future War Commander force, as two Whirlwinds and a Knight Lander where purchased through eBay, adding some artillery and mecha support to the force.

But about that whole new collection.  We are starting a boardgame night with a ladyfriend, probably once a month to catch up on chatting and such, but that means of course I need to collect a few boardgames to start.  I found the 999 Games The Hobbit (dutch edition) in a second hand toy store on the Krabbenfoor in Bergen op Zoom (the Netherlands), complete for 9 euro instead of the 30 something it`s in the stores for.  Well, as good as complete, I still need to count but apart from perhaps a small counter or such, it was all checked instore and looked great.

So expect the coming weeks perhaps a boardgame or two to be added to this budding collection, I`m looking at "popular culture" games like Game of Thrones, Zombicide, Arkham Horror... that sort of things.

Or the Elfenland special edition, that looked great...

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