zaterdag 29 juli 2017

Emperor's Children Warp Talons

The first squad for my return to the 40k battlefield has been painted! 

Cry joy in extasy!

Numbering 5 marines, the Warp Talons are the close assault variation of Raptors, and with their dual Lighting Claws and Warpflame ability a dangerous opponent. 
Combine them with a sorcerer on their arrival, and one Warptime later they can be making a mess of Overwatch while butchering the unit(s) they are hurled into.

I went for the typical pink and black colourscheme of the Emperor's Children, while doing three of the five claws in an blueish style. The other one has extensions of his arm armour as claws, while the champion has actually bone claws growing through his plating.

For the bases, I went for the marble style I used for the first time on my Future War Commander force, to have them come from a demonic "gallery style" world, and because it offers a nice contrast.

Hope you like them, now to see how that Fate campaign works, as I read something about registering painted units...

For Slaanesh!

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