woensdag 12 juli 2017

Index: Chaos

The forces of Chaos received their own Index for the rebooted 8th edition Warhammer 40k, and it contains the army lists for the Chaos Space Marines, the Daemon Legions, and the Knights.

While I already did a small first impression video on this latest book, as can be seen here if you like, I did have a couple of questions during reading.

Like, can an Emperor`s Children army (a pure one) field daemonnettes.  I asked the local GW store manager and he said yes.  I asked in a facebook dedicated Chaos group, and the answer was yes... and yet, I`m still not convinced.
Surely, they can be summoned, so that`s a no-brainer, but the Emperor`s list states you can take troops from the Chaos Marines pages, nothing is mentioned about the daemon lists... so I`ll have to wait and see until... pretty soon.

Because yes, the actual Codex for the Chaos Marines has been announced and will be one of the first wave of four books, so the Index will quickly be made redundant.  But as the Legions are said to make a return, that is only okay in my book!

Another thing that puts my hopes up is that this editions Chaos posterboys, the Death Guard, will get their primarch and their own dedicated Codex, so albeit slim, I hope the Emperor's Children will get the same down the line.

But never the less, this still is a handy tome, and you`ll be needing it until a true daemonic codex ever arrives anyways, so for 25 euro you can`t go wrong!  Apart from it's core business of datasheet after datasheet, you also get a heap of fluff on the Chaos forces, and the artwork as ever is top notch as with all Games Workshop productions.

For the Emperor!

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