vrijdag 28 juli 2017

The Empire - Hochland Militia

The last unit I needed to paint for the 1000 points mega battle, this mob of 10 Militia takes the total to 940 points.

The very last thing to be added is a Hag for the Dark Elf contignent, but as she is still in the mail, she probably won`t be on the table IF I get a game in to learn the rules next week friday.

The unit conatins of 10 militia men, without command group, who will be the brave souls that will serve as the "speed bump" for any threatening cavalry or scouts, allowing the rest of my small force to hopefully rearrange ranks and form a decent battleline.

The uniforms where painted with more browns as this is basically a regiment of townspeople, farmers and other pressganged souls, but I kept the Hochland colourscheme on their clothing, albeit with a more muted red (I started with Terracotta instead of Heavy Red).

So the army is now gathering up nicely, meaning if the final model arrives and gets painted, I`ve done 1000 points in a month and a half, and a force of numbering almost 70 figures...

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