woensdag 5 juli 2017

Suisei no Garugantia

The most recent anime series I watched, and also known as Gargantia on Verdurous Planet, was quite an enjoyable experience.

The series consists of 13 episodes and 3 OVA`s, and can perhaps be best seen as Kevin Costner`s Waterworld with Mecha's.

Ledo, who pilots the mecha Chamber, is thrown in a black hole during a battle with the squidlike Hideauze.  He recovers on a planet that is all covered in water, aboard a giant cityship called Gargantia.

Chamber calculates he is actually stranded on the mythical planet called Earth, where humanity was born before it reached to the stars and migrated to another galaxy.  He gradually learns that not only he can`t return home, as that`s more then 7000 years of travel away, but also the origin of both the humans journey to the stars, as well as the origin of the Hideauze... and shakes up everything he believed in.

But then he gets a comm signal from his former unit commander...

This is actually a rather nice series, with a strong underlying message to teenagers, namely to "not be afraid to get out there, you`ll adapt".  The animations are nice and while Chamber might not have the killer looks of a Gundam, the Gargantia and the land (or better, sea-)scaping is greatly executed.

A series to pick up!

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