zondag 2 juli 2017

White Dwarf June 2017

With the arrival of a new edition of Warhammer 40.000 (yes, I fell to it`s siren call as well) it isn`t a suprise most of the magazine is dedicated to this.

Though somewhere in between there are some other articles as well hehe...

But as I said, the main part is all about 40k.  Starting outside the regular adverts, with a nice heap of "fluff", we soon get insights into the new rulesystem, as well as a step by step battle report of sorts where all the features are explained, as are the new mechanics.

Perhaps intresting is that in both the "known people" armies, as well as the Tale of Four Warlords pieces, it keeps coming to the fore that Power Levels are more the chosen way to play then the "old" points system.  Something I agree on personally as I said with the Codex Chaos, those PL, while open to mild abuse like any rulesystem, make regular games far smoother to "pick up".  And if someone games the system?  Well, they'd be out of a game by turn 2 from my part...

Amidst all that 40.000 violence, there is also a nice interview with the various illustrators that work for Games Workshop, as well as a large fluff piece on the Blades of Khorne in Age of Sigmar.

The paint splatter piece of course deals about the new Primaris marines as well as the Deathguard, but needless to say those techniques can be carried over to any model.

Ow, and the Temporal Distort piece... I had that one, 20 years ago ;-)

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