donderdag 27 juli 2017

The mulitple Legions plan

I already said something about it in my earlier post today, but let`s spend a few words more on it.

I`m planning, overtime, to field not only my beloved Emperor's Children, but three others as well.

Now, I know, I still got to finish my first unit since I`m back into 40k, but I am drawing here on experience from the previous "stint" in wargaming.  As I will be amassing more and more figures, like from buying a lot on a convention, or receiving sets as gifts and such, I`ll end up over time with multiple copies of the same units.  For example, in the past I had 9 squads of 10 Chaos Marines, and all painted pink.

This means they came out when a mega battle occured, which was, well, never.  By having formed the idea of painting up multiple Legions, and idea I "borrowed" from my Nemesis, I can actually rotate at times between which army to play.  Building a large Emperor's Children army as the main force, and then adding three smaller armies of say around 1000 points more themed to their specific playing style and background.

For example, mostly cultists in a Word Bearer's force.

Now to that end, I`m going to pick the Alpha Legion, a force I always liked the background and "feel" of.  Other Legions, mostly for the colour scheme, will be the Night Lords (so if I get an additional box of Warp Talons, I can go for their colour scheme), and the Word Bearers, both forces who sport lovely colour schemes that will be nice variations on the pink and purple of the main force.

Because that`s also a lesson I fondly remember, having to much paintwork of the same colour tends to syphon out the drive to do them...

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