zaterdag 22 juli 2017

TSA Clubnight 21st of July 2017

Even on our national holiday, the tabletop generals assembled in the clubhouse for another evening of frantic gaming.

And it must be said, for the first time since I came back, fantasy and sci-fi had a clear overhand on the historical department.

Though this has to do with the new 40k, as no less then 3 battles where fought, one of 500 points which saw my Nemesis go down to Tau (oooooooh snif) with his Plaguemarines.

The second one was a none game that had a collection of 7 Battlesuits (I don`t even know what the big one is, it`s from after my time, but it`s apparently named a Riptide) decimate a force of Eldar in two turns.

The third saw a force of Orks scrape a victory on points to a massive guard force.  Both these two battles where 1.000 points btw.

I was there to observe this, and lesson learned: Quad Heavy Bolters, period, against all those shooty grunt armies around.  And Sicarans.

French and British forces duked it out in Song of Drums and Shako's.

Another battle I have been following was this Dux Britanniarum game, as I`ll be joining in a campaign starting soonish (but I`ll handle that in a blogpost later today or early tomorrow).

The Heroquest game was played as well, as adventurers went through their monthly game, part of a longer running campaign.

A four player Fantasy game in full swing.

I forgot to take pictures of the boardgames going on though, as I was embroilled in watching and studying the above mentioned games and especially the players I don`t know yet, to hone my blade for battle and "read" their playing styles, so sorry guys!

Next time, I`ll be playing myself for the first time with my figures since coming out of retirement, so I`ll be doing an AAR then instead!

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