donderdag 27 juli 2017

Future War Commander: Alpha Legion detachment

One of the things I`m going to do with my Chaos forces, both in 40k and FWC, is paint up units in multiple Legion schemes.

This will prevent the monotonous job of the same colour over and over again, but I`ll do a post on that perhaps later today.

I tested this out in Future War Commander with a small detachment of troops and a CO painted in Alpha Legion colours.

As a stealthy force, I also gave them a bike Recce unit.  Ingame wise this all doesn`t matter in what schemes they are painted, as long as you stay in the "boundaries" of the army list.

Tiny hydra symbol effort for the banner.

Next detachment will be Night Lords, and then a small one as well of Word Bearers...

... the four Legions that overtime will end up in my cabinet.

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