maandag 3 juli 2017

Empire State Troops Halberdiers

Continuing my paint efforts to get a 1000 points grand Alliance Order on the table the 20th of August, I painted up a small regiment of State Troops.

Armed with the traditional weapon of the The Empire infantryman, the halberd, I went on a throwback to the past.

My first, the monopose halberdiers of around 1994, had the Altdorf livery, and as I still have 20 of those around somewhere and in need of repairs, I thought it no more then fitting then make one big 30 man block out of them in the end.

So the red and blue uniforms where added, all differentiating left and right on which shoulder, which leg etc was in a certain colour, to add some subtle variety to the unit.  The banner had handpainted lettering to it, as was researching my old "jade" effect for my upcoming Emperor's Children.

Bases where the grey and lava like ones I`m running now through my complete Order force, to make them all look the part when placed together on the tabletop, and differ from the usual green colour of bases.

In the game, this counts for 80 points of troops to be added to the tally, meaning that with 6 weeks to go I`m reaching the halfway point, as I`m currently at 440 points of restored troops.

Next will be finishing the Witch Elf unit I did a few weeks ago, as all that needs to be done for them is the varnish to dry.

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