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Posted by : Tomsche69 zondag 26 september 2010

And the restoration project continues at a smooth pace. With a week of holidays before the door now, I hope to complete my 2000 point tournament force by the end of the week, while completing some side projects in 6mm and 10mm as well.

Ambitious? Most definitly!

First up this week, are two more Dryads to bring the unit up to 10 strong and `completed` in the collection.

Further reinforcements to complete a unit for the tournament are the three remaining Glade Guards from the unit I started last week, with a small number of 10 they will flank the larger Glade Guard unit for combining fire on targets, possibly in a bit of an angled position in case a Panic test could be caused and the enemy runs diagonally along his own lines.

Finally, some characters join the force this week, with a champion for the Waywatcher unit, Arthrand Nightblade by Reaper Miniatures in their Warlord series, and the second spellsinger from the list, Kaylee by Eolith Miniatures

Now only a unit of scouts, a second small unit of War Dancers and a Treeman to go and the force is ready for battle.

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  1. You'll make it ... if you paint up the treehuggers first before doing anything in 6 or 10 mm that is !

    When you finish the army a 2000pts group shot is a must !

    I also noticed you're preparing some canned food for my 'nids ... promises to be tasty ;-)


  2. I`ll have to complete them anyways during the comming week, or I`m out of time for a fully painted army with the tournament the 9th of october :)


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