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Posted by : Tomsche69 woensdag 5 januari 2011

A fresh batch got completed for `varnish row` tonight, including some larger then 6mm scale models.

Transformation of Khadon

The first thing painted this week was a nice beastie to represent the effects of the Amber lore spell for my Wood Elf mages. In the old -my- days, this spell just changed the stats of the character et c`est tout, but now it allows the model to transform into about half of the Imperial Zoo. Not that I would bother buying a heap of big beasties, as it is a welcome change in paint schedules, but I do mind hiring a van just to transport a spell effect :-)
So I went scouring the net and found a Trictalion from Enigma Miniatures 30mm range, a horned, scaled, 6 eyed monster that fits on a 40by40 monster base... good enough for me!

Little space elves

Secondly this week... more epic Eldar for use in my Eldritch Caste force. Still continuing in the Saim han colourscheme, their ranks are bolstered by 4 more stands of Guardians, 2 large cannons and 2 stands of Exarchs.

Through Normandy and Beyond

Next up, for the 6mm ww2 campagne `that might happen next year` are a set of british tank destroyers by GHQ, namely 5 (aka, the contents of a blister pack) Challenger`s, tank destroyers build on the chassis of the delightful Cromwell tank (not the greatest tank ever made, but in my eyes one of the most `sexy` lined ones though).

The SAC gains a new toy

Finally this week, the Lince (a copy of the british Dingo) Armoured Car for the Society`s heroes. The model, a 28mm resin by Warlord Games, is armed with a small front mounted gun, so will become a `proxy` for one of the AC designs in Where Heroes Dare! Can`t expect the noble adventurers to cross the Sahara on foot now can we.

That is it for this batch. Next time, I have actually no idea what it is going to contain, I have two days off tomorrow and the day after, so it will see a lot of painting time going on. One thing is for certain, as I`m currently watching Gundam 00 there will be mobile suits in the lot for sure ehehe.

Ciao Ciao

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