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Posted by : Tomsche69 dinsdag 11 januari 2011

Nothing but scenery, scenery and more scenery this week...

With the campaign entering in march to `city and village fight modus`, heaps of buildings are needed to fill 3/4th of a 12 by 4 feet table.

Now I have here around 450 houses and pieces of various manufacturers that need to be painted for that, with a goal to have 200 done at least by March, and 350 for a multiplayer at the TSA open door `Battlefield Commissions` in May... so the race is one (and unfortunatly, my own armies will get to bear the blunt of that by severe lack of paint time for them). Now I HOPE I can `expat` about 100 - 150 of them to the other players of my group, but I fear most of the work will tumble upon my shoulders. Adieu non-existant social life ;)

So here they are, the first two batches of painted scenery:

Now, I admit, i will be using every trick of `camouflage painting` on them, as not to invest years of time into a project with a deadline in two months, so it`s all basic colours + either an ink wash or a single drybrush and some `mono color` detailing.
One trick I`m using is painting them mostly in Terracota (Vallejo Game Color range) undercoats, that way where the grey etc of walls shows a bit of the undercoat through, you get the effect of plastered walls over red bricks. Handy and allows me to use up colors I barely use anyways

Ciao Ciao, I`m off to paint more houses *urgh*

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