dinsdag 4 juni 2013

Dinobots, transform and beat the shit out of those Decepticons!!!!!

They`re here!!!!!!  FINALLY all my youth sentiments have come together as I have the full series of the Dinobots now residing in my display cabinets.

Grimlock, Sludge, Slag, Snarl and Swoop, the most powerful and dangerous Autobots, have aquired bit of a cult status in the franchise.  Partly because of their isolationism, their not respectation of authority, and sheer brute force make them in the Autobot strike team.

On more then one occasion, they have saved the Autobots from big do-do (the Movie, Rage of the Dinobots mini-series, etc...) and trashed about a heap of `cons.  And on more then one occasion, Grimlock has become (or tried to become) the Autobot head honcho... but let`s put it mildly and say that diplomacy isn`t his forte...

Snarl is the medic of the team, and he hates his Dinobot form, but he is as valiant as the rest.  Bit of the emminesce grise of the team (okay, so that would mean like he could count to 10, I`ll give you that).

Slag is the most ferocious (okay, now THAT means something) and as a result often gets in way to many fights.  The fact that he is still around means he is good at it to boot.  Toy wise though, it is my least popular model, the tail is just trailing behind in robot form.

Swoop is lither and smaller then the rest of the team, as he is the scout and transforms into a flying Pteradon.  But nevertheless a loyal and ferocious fighter, even he is mild mannered.

Sludge is together with Grimlock my favorite of the toys, transforming into a `clean` robot more then the other three members of the team.  Slow witted, he is a force to fear on the battlefield as he brings his sheer size to bear...

So there they are, the coolest Transformers ever made, now residing in their new residence...

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