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Sunday Ramblings: The Geek Life episode 3

I got flogged in a castle tower!!!

Yep, this tower to be precise, the window under the pointy rooof was where I lost pieces of skin.

No, in all seriousness, I've just returned from some good RnR with the girlfriend in Chateau Unpronounceable in the dutch village of Tegelen, near Venlo.  Very luxurious hotel I must say, even though we didn't do the hotel restaurant, opting for a steak house twice in the nearby village.

This week has been quite a lot of all things, with a great storming on the Playstation Challenge, see the report a bit earlier, and me achieving a fresh level in the PSN.

What Have I Been Gaming?

Well, as said, I reached level 16 and this was with the Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters game, the leveller trophy being the Bronze 'All In The Wrist' for using one of your weapons x times succesfully.  It is also one of the better film franchise games of DC heroes I played recently, and I think it is heavily underrated in the critics reviews.

Bar that, the main point scorers this week have been from my side (and the munchkin) GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  This game is a 'prequel' game to the first movie, in which MASS evolves into COBRA.  It's not a bad game, but not the ubergame around either, yet it is enjoyable for an afternoon of no brainer 'bambambam-ing' with the kid.  And you DO get the chance to play the Baroness raaaawrrr.

My girlfriend has been scoring a lot of trophies on We Dare!, basically a dance and minigame thingie which uses the Playstation Move.  It is according to the box and booklet required to have 'parental advisory' due to being 'sexually orientated', but either kids (or better, soccer moms) have taken a step on to the prudes ladder, or I'm missing the sexually orientated part of eating an apple together ingame... with chibi styled figures...

On the Vita the scorer for me was the new Lego game, Chima: Laval's Journey.  I finished the storyline so far, but I'll get back on it for a better 'impressions' piece once I have an idea of how many times a level must be regrinded to fully complete it.

What Have I Been Collecting?

I would have suprised the world and say nothing here this week... but then we went on a bicycle trip yesterday and found a local Intertoys toystore in a village which was 10 houses big.  Now as I always say, these 'backwater' stores are treasure troves, and so it proved.  Not only did we find a Lego set of Pirates of the Carribean for the munchkin (Isla de La Muerta), they even had a Prince of Persia set still, and I'v been doubting a long time to take it along.  In the end however, I found some waaaaay cooler stuff, in that they actually had a Dark Side of the Moon Mechtech Sideswipe

but more importantly, a LOT of Transformers Kre-o sets, so I walked out with both Sideswipe of that range, and OPTIMUS PRIME. 

Needless to say, it was a 'fun' return trip with the big boxes strapped to the back of the bycicle, over main roads we call a parking lot drive in here in the big city.

Now only to get Prowl and Mirage... Oddly enough, while Kre-o overhere hasn't taken off really, stateside it is gaining a lot of popularity, with even the recent BotCon presenting a special set of exclusive mini Kreons.

What Have I Been Reading?

The only thing I actually finished bar magazines about Formula 1 and the recent E3 for the PS4 (must... have... The Order 1866), I finished volume 6 (in french) of Saint Seiya Episode G. 

This series details the battles of the Gold Saints as they where younger, right after Saga's betrayel, in the battle against the Titans of Chronos.

I'm not really fond of the drawing style used, but the series, centered around Ailio of Leo, is sporting a very strong story arc, and I'm already into the next volume at the moment.

What Have I Been Watching?

Not much television for me this week, though I just finished watching a very tyre explosive Grand Prix of Great Britain, the Scuderia Ferrari taking a sweet third place while championship leader Vettel had to withdraw.  Niiiice, Forza Ferrari!!! 

It was an awesome GP, with great drives from Hamilton, Massa and Di Resta who all worked their way through the field from last position at one point into the points, and odd with no less then four different cars having their rear left tyre exploding.  Literally.

What Have I Been Tapping?

I only played an online draft at MTGO this week, a phantom one, but managed to come second and gain the Izzet Charm promo.  Yups, the same I won 'fysically' last week on the FNM.

Furthermore, I finally finished my Pauper 'mill' deck.  It has a lot of card draw and selfmill build in, so the key is to play one or more Jace's Erasure's asap, or I might end up milling myself to smithereens instead.  That one might turn out to be fun...

Well, that is the short rundown for my geeky life this week, tomorrow it's back to a paperwork thingy that is starting to haunt me, I really hope to get the administration all over and done with soonish, or I'll be spending my summer holidays growling and gnawing.

See y'all next week, where there will be quite a few mostly Magic updates I think, as July is one month I have booked into a lot of tournaments, starting for one with each FNM as I really, really want that new Rakdos Cackler promo, I play him 4 times in my deck after all.

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