donderdag 3 juli 2014

I did it for the Promo`s!

Well, every month on the morning of the first, I go check the LEGO online store for that months promo bags.

This month, it was a Chima promo, Flax the Phoenix on his flyer.  An intresting set at 30 euros required to buy, this has bar a minifig I can use in my builds, there is alos a lot of intresting orange pieces in it.

So I went to the `Sales and Deals` part of the webstore, which i usually visit for boxed sets at a discount to get to the required amount for the promo, and my eye dropped on this Ninjago set.

Temple of Light, marked 54.99 instead of 79.99, so a savings of a whopping 25 euros, and it pulled me over the 50 euro mark to be eligible for free shipping.  The set has some nice AFOL pieces, lots of golds and burgundy, some small base plates, and a few intresting minifigs.

Click, click, click... ordered.

And then I saw something else was added to my cart:

This is a special limited edition set for the VIP holders, that also came with purchases over 30 euros from the 1st till the 7th of july (or while stock lasts).  Containing a classic spaceman and his robot, as well as a booklet detailing the evolution of the theme.

Only later that day did I get an e-mail informing the action, but mine was already under way :-)

I`m so keeping that in the sealed box, this is a true collectors item in the making I think!  Heck, use the `lego vip spaceman` in the search box on eBay, and you`ll already find them on there ranging between 20 to 65 euros...

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