maandag 27 juni 2022

Lord Ipsqueek goes Kasterlee, part deux

 Hello followers and admirer's of my stellar looks!

It might have been a while since I turned word to you, but I finally got out on a city trip again, and it was back to daddy's "holy land" or as I call it, old man memories.
Now, part one, when I was just a wee baby not even half a year amongst you, was literally baked away as we had a heatwave 2 years ago, but now the weather was far more enjoyable (bar that one rainstorm that awoke me saturday night, blighters) and I could explore the village in earnest.

Though grandpa first had to go to the local emergency room of St Dimpna to get some stitches, as he had bumped his head.  But no worries, I enjoyed my "bammekes" in the fresh outside air in the meantime.

The next day started with some great bubbles fun!

Now, we stayed at a camping place which has a LOT of playgarden's suited for all ages up to 12.  Of course, being the conqueror (of hearts, but more on that later) that I am, I took to the one for the largest kids and showed them how to rock a swing like a real one.

One huge bonus was that the chair to eat was a huge comfort one.

So, an after lunch nap later, I was ready for my next adventure!

And that was a trip to the Kabouterkesberg, where gnomes live and I could go meet them.

Okay, so I climbed all those stairs with mommy, so I could let daddy curse and clutz to get my steed up and off the mountains.  It's good for his physique, so no compassion from me, nope nope.

Well, I`m not all that bad a ruler, I allowed them to have an icecream for the efforts.

How do you find my crown of the gnomes by the way?

In the evening, we went to a neighbouring play garden, where I could rummage around to hearts desire.

And I charmed this lovely little lady to do the jumping, so I could enjoy some relaxing bouncy bouncy on the trampoline.  Conqueror of hearts indeed!

The last morning, we went to an indoor playground, where I discovered a bath filled with plastic balls.  How great to chill is that!


And I could touch a cute little goat!

So that now means dear parents you must provide me at home with a swing, a trampoline and a ball bath, okey?
So, that was a neat little trip for certain, thanks mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa for taking me along!
Well, maybe not daddy, all he seemed to do was drink...


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