woensdag 22 juni 2022

That Time I got reincarnated as a Slime volume 6 - Fuze and Taiki Kawakami

 The adventure continues of the fledgling monster nation of the Jura Forest Alliance.

And it's ruler, Rimuru Tempest, isn`t given a day break to catch his breath.  Or magicules, as slimes don`t breath but you get the idea.

Because soon after settling in with the new Orc and lizardmen residents and incorporating them into the fold, they are visited by none other then the dwarven king himself, Gazel, who wants to see with his own eyes what this new nation is all about.  They hold a friendly duel to see if Rimuru is worthy of being chancellor in his eyes.

But Rimuru's victory over the Orc Lord has also caught the attention of the demon lordsm and one in particular, the ancient Milim Nava, goes to seek Rimuru out.  Because the manipulative demon lord Clayman wants to add Rimuru to the ranks of the Demon Lords.

But Milim arrives in town, challenging Rimuru.  Knowing she is far above his level, he convinces her with the help of honey that the town isn`t bad at all.  Milim decides to see him as her best friend, and move in into town, living with the monsters as she is fascinated by it all.

A volume in which I had the feeling that more details where added, especially in a comical sense, compared to the anime.  The first 5 books seemed to have been adapted page by page, but now funny moments are more a plenty, making it an even more joyous read.

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