zaterdag 18 oktober 2014

A Lot of Hobbits... but no Smaug

Well, I guess it was statistically bound to happen sometime.  With all the Lego orders I place through the online store, one of those days something had had to go wrong.

Unfortunatly, it happened with my entire new wave of Lego orders, and with the big Lonely Mountain set specifically

It wasn`t in the parcel.  Instead there was an 80 euros cheaper Star Wars set in it, though the dragon has been listed on the delivery form and billed as such...

My fate now rests in Lego customer service.  I`ve send them an e-mail immediatly to notify the problem (as the telephone service isn`t available in the weekend), and hope I will have my dragon swiftly.  I am eagerly awaiting their response, no idea how it will have to proceed though as I never have had to call / mail CS before about something of this sort.

To top it off though, it is now listed on the website as currently sold out :-(

On the bright side, one of my mates found two Hobbit sets I missed in the collection in a toystore when at work.  Attack of the Mirkwood Spiders and (at a promotional price to boot) Attack of the Wargs are now standing on the shelf, awaiting their turn to be build and put on display proudly amongst the other sets.

Thanks again Benji!

UPDATE 20/10

I just got of the phone with Customer Service.  They are going to send me a new one as soon as it comes back available the 11th of November.  They also asked to return the misdelivered one, they will send a special label for that.  I will need to pay the costs in advance, but they will be refunded, I will just have to call them when it`s underway.

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