dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

Building the Witch King

Okay, I couldn`t wait.  While the Smaug issue I posted about earlier this week is getting resolved (they will send me a new one once they have stock again beginning of november, while I`m returning the SW set in the meantime), those other boxes kept looking at me all puppy eyed and the Ring called me.

The Ring wants to be with his master, it WANTS to be build...

So I decided today to already put together the smallest of the new wave of The Hobbit sets, 79015 the Witch-King Battle.  It`s as well a spoiler for the third instalment, as we got Galadriel (whom we saw appear in a movie poster with Gandalf at Dol Guldur last week), the Witch King and Elrond in the set, which is compatible with the Dol Guldur set.  Okay, taking book liberties here Mr Jackson, but I can bring it from my heart to forgive you ;-)

Opening the box, the smallest of the new wave, we get two bags and the instruction booklet.

The first things we put together are some EXCELLENT minifigures.  There is the Witch King of Angmar in his spectral form.  He has a glow in the dark head, a ragged cape and a very awesome crown.  Elrond comes with a `stern` and a `slightly even more stern` face as we all know Hugo Weaving for, while Galadriel has a `glitter cape`, as well as a normal gentle face and this one that I used, the `big whoopass powerful being` face.

Starting the build is the base for the first part of the ruins where this set is taking place in.  The elevated part with the handle is for the Witch King to stand on and so he can rotate about 60 degrees on top of the build when finished.

The front window has a I think new part, as the iron bars are knitted in the centre.

Next we start the process of building the tree and add some grisly skeletal decorations.  the set actually has a fourth minifigure if you put the whole skeleton together...

Once the tree is completed, we can move on to the second part of the build, the fireball catapult.

For this, we also start with the base of course, and build up from there

The catapult itself is build and held in balance by a skeletal body, and goes on top of the base structure.

Adding some additional detailing, and the sole thing remaining is to connect it to the first part, and we are all done in this little set, and we have the traditional few parts left over. 

As you can see on the side under the feet of the Witch King, there are the holes to connect it with the Dol Guldur sets to make it one elongated building.

It`s definitly not a bad little set.  Surely, the Riddles of the Ring from the first wave was perhaps a bit more atmospheric in build, but this set comes with three totally excellent minifigs, a recommendation to pick it up, because I guess that once you want the figs loose, it`s going to cost as much as the little set, and then at least you now have the pleasure of the build like I have, or some handy parts for your collection otherwise.

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  1. This set is in my must buy list. I have a Elrond from the earlier set but definitely need a Galadriel and Witch King. Ofcourse I have not put together my Pirate Ship Ambush, Guldar Battle, or the first Lake Town Set so maybe I should build those first.

  2. I`ll probably be tackling my Attack on Lake Town set next... so much to build still, now if they only created 36 hour days ehehe