vrijdag 24 oktober 2014

The Art of Lego Design by Jonathan Schwarz

The most recent Lego book I`ve finished (and at the moment, also the last one I have to read, I need to get some fresh ones :-( ) is written by AFOL builder Jonathan Schwarz.

It details the various building techniques and handles subjects like how to make animals and spaceships.  

Intertwined with his own envisionments of how certain subjects are tackled by him, he also lends an ear and a written word to other known builders and how they handle certain subjects.

For me personally, the parts on curvatures, trees and SNOT where pretty intresting, while not really reading intensively on theme`s like building mosaics, something I`m unlikely to ever tackle.

It`s a very handy book to both those new to the Lego building community, and those `in the middle`, though I doubt the real experts out there would learn much out of it as it goes all back to the basics.  But considering that there are probably more builders on the level like you and me, compared to those that put down 10 meter long aircraft carriers and the likes, I wouldn`t say that is a bad thing for a target demographic ;-)

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