dinsdag 7 oktober 2014

Inspirational Lego week day 2 - Fantasy and medieval

On the second day of the builds overlook, I`m going to take a stroll along all those excellent Castle orientated builds I came along.

Wether it be fantasy or pure medieval style builds, these are the things I tend to look at the most due to my participation in Guilds of Historica and the likes.

It`s the sort of builds I really love gasping over, though usually they are not `quite` as large as space builds, though if you look below, you will see that ain`t true per se ;-)

Barad Dur

Because this tower of Sauron is one large piece of work, and that are a lot of black bricks going in there!

Brave heroes

Valiantly, they marched into the dark cave they had discovered...

Haunted Castle

Another humongous build, stuffed with details like the ghosts circling the tower top, or the spider in the cave `under` the baseplate.

It`s an oliphaunt!

What is there not to drool over in this gigantic Lord of the Rings build


Another large build, this castle even comes with dragons

Elven house

The flowing curves of the branches of the house are sheer awesomeness

Desolate Landscape

Not only in the future does the scenery look grim

World of Warcraft

I might have tried doing a Blood Elf inspired building, but this Ogre Encampment looks straight out of the Blade`s Edge Mountains.

Oriental village

Kimono ladies, sumo wrestlers in training... it really captures the feeling of feudal Japan...


Well, Legend of Zelda is one of those popular lines of fanbuilds out there, and they often look drop dead gorgeous if not even better then the actual games...

Merchant house

A waterside house of the local trader

Ambush in Mirkwood

Not all builds are usually huge castles, like this little vignette of Tauriel getting up to an Orc

Battle Plans

The best plans are considered in all peace and quiet, as these generals go over them in some very exquisetly made tents.

The bridge

at a small crossing, knights meet


Very cool use of Lego hands on this build

The Trade

Under the canopies, prisoner exchange is taking place

The Court

Another very detailed build, the guests of a local lord gather for a big banquet in his hall

Northmen Inn

Talking banquets, what to think then of this hugely detailed and northern england styled inn.

Underground Inn

Inn`s are a very popular build line apart from castles and trees in the setting, as this is a cave originated inn where doubtlessly shady figures are brewing not only beer, but also plans


Wow, just wow, the lines on the build are perfectly done

Wizard Cottage

Well, he sure lives big for only a cottage

In the desert

This build makes good use of the `forced perspective` technique, as the tomb at the back looks far far away

House in the swamps

Complete with loading dock and mist effects, this is one stunning build from the Eurobricks forum

Village of Norra

A complete northern styled building

The streets of Barca

Perhaps the most impressive build of the last weeks on Guilds of Historica, the details all over this build are so many and so fine, even including the use of light elements.

So that takes us to the end of our tour of times long gone by, as tomorrow we will be hauling ourselves into the future and have a look at some sleek lines!

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