vrijdag 10 oktober 2014

Building the Exo Suit

The 7th release of the Ideas range, set 21109, is perhaps one of the most hyped sets of the range so far.  

Designed by Peter Reid, the Exo Suit first appeared in the Lego Space and Beyond book, which told the story of how mankind set into space, Blacktron`s origins, etc...

It was then brought into the Ideas project and swiftly gained it`s 10k followers, and gotten approved by the review commitee.  So let`s see what this box is all about.

It comes like all Ideas sets in a sturdy box without numbered bags, so opening it up we get the usual nicely detailed booklet with background info on the design and the designer, as well as 4 bags of parts.

The set was also acompanied by a fantastic animated trailer, seen here.

The first thing we get to build is the `Turtle`, a small utility robot that encounters out brave spacemen as they set out on a mission of recovery.

Secondly, we go to build a small loading deck with some vats.

And then we start the main menu, the Exo Suit itself.  It is build around a central platform where the pilot is standing to control the machine.

To this, we add the connections to bring the arms and legs to.

The legs are build up, having a nice amount of articulation points.

And once completed, are connected to the bodyframe.

Next up, the arms, making intricate use of the grey barrel elements, are attached to the shoulders.

Now these little piece is my least favorite, it is rather flimsy in connection and can drop off when handling (read: playing with) the suit.

The suit comes with two five fingered claw hands, which can hold the barrels from the loading dock.  This is perhaps the biggest difference between the Exo Suit and the one thing we all know that inspired it, the Aliens Power-Loader.

The suit stands completed.

I opted for the female to pilot the machine, just like in the teaser, instead of the male green astronaut like on the box.

And of course, we have some left over parts...

It definintly is a nice model, and makes clever use of a variety of parts.  But to say it is my all time favorite Ideas set, no, that still belongs to the Ecto-1.

Tomorrow, I`ll be having a another Exo Suit build... of a completely different Exo Suit!


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