maandag 6 oktober 2014

The Walking Dead Season 2 - platinum

Two platinums in a weekend, while before that it was 2 in 9 months... you might think I`m on a roll here again.

But the thruth is, this was a work of `forced labour`.  After 10 months of finishing episode 1, the GF finaly started to play the game again, but halfway episode 2 she passed the controller to me.

However, she really wanted to know how it all ended, so yesterday we spend a cosy evening of going through the final 3 episodes and see where Clementine would end up.

Of the possible 6 endings, we apparently got to the most popular one, where Clementine, together with baby AJ and survivor chick Jane reopens the camp they had been caught in earlier, and welcomed in another family in the hopes of `making it work this time`.

Season 2 was `rawer` in a way, as now Clementine is your POV character compared to Lee before.  You`ve watched the world go to hell at the side of an adult in season 1, but now you`re the one needing to survive in this world from a child`s point of view.

I made some very hard choices, like have her witness how Kenny (nope, he survived S1 after all) smashed the face of a crook away with an iron bar, or to abandon young Sarah to a herd of walkers.  Now, in the latter case, if you saved her she would die anyways.  It seems you can end the game either by yourself, with Kenny, or with Jane, but all the rest is doomed from the start anyways.

I think when I get around to the Vita version I still need to complete, I`m going to take the Kenny line, but on the other hand, Jane is such a cutie I don`t know if I can see her get killed...

All possible endings can be watched on this site btw, the last one is the one we got.

Will there be a season 3?  I guess, considering the still running success of the TV series and the acclaim this game gets, but first they are focussing on that other succes hit series, Game of Thrones.

To be continued?

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