zaterdag 4 oktober 2014

Cry Wolf

I finally did it, I got to play the final episode of The Wolf Among Us, Telltale`s adaption of the Fables comics by Vertigo.  And as such, grab the platinum as well...

Maybe it`s the more adult issues tackled in a fairy tale setting that draws me so much to it, but I actually like it better then The Walking Dead, where it is more about survival whence Wolf is about solving a murder and try to do the moral thing...

In this final episode, we start out with the Crooked Man.  We all know he did it, but now we need to take him in.

The game brings us in a fight with our Nemesis, Bloody mary, and her dozens of mirror copies.  If Bigby gets mad, we see him get wolflike features.  then we saw him turn in rage into a werewolf creature... but now, we see him in his true form: a gigantic wolf, rampaging and slaughtering his opponent and her copies.

So we turn the Crooked Man in, and he goes to trial.  Do we drop him in the Witching Well and let him die?  Do we do the civilized thing and lock him up?

I ripped off his head... and Fabletown fears the BIG BAD WOLF!

Just be prepared for the revelations and reconstruction at the end of this episode.  I bet you`re all going to be a mile off of how you thought it had all playes out...

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