zondag 26 oktober 2014

Inspirational Lego: big starships and more

Starships are cool for any sci-fi lover.  In recent years, before the superhero and zombie crazes, the television cycle was all about space with excellent series like Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica and Star Gate.

Unfortunatly, these days that genre of series has `cycled` to the background again, due to series like The Walking Dead or Arrow, but that doesn`t seem to stop the builders out there the least.

Take for example this excellent rendition of the Destiny from Stargate Universe, a series I still feel they pulled the plug on way to fast.  Luckily, the `expanded universe` of novels gives us some measure of what happened after they went in hypersleep.

I really love the curvature on this vessel, and even the shuttle is included on the build.

Talking about detailing and curves, how about the Battlestar Phoenix and the larger scale colonial Viper seen here?

The Battlestar is of the smaller and ultra modern class like the Valkyrie, briefly seen in the series in an Adama flashback.

But not all ships come from certain TV franchises, as this Solia Federation clearly shows.  Imagination is the only limit when using Lego. 

But of course, with the abundance of Star Wars ships and sets in the Lego catalogue, no sci-fi Inspirational is complete without some Star Wars in it.  So when you have finished your hard tour of duty on your Star Destroyer, you can always go and take a stroll in this awesome Star Wars Zoo...

Even R2 enjoys a quit day with the misses here...

And now I`m going to prepare for a day of Efteling strolling, armed with a camera to put a lot of the fairy tale forest buildings on picture and hopefully inspire me in some builds...

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