maandag 6 oktober 2014

Inspirational Lego Week - day 1

It`s been a while since I got around doing one of these, and as such of course the folder on my HD is getting crammed to the nook, so this working week I`m going to be posting a daily episode of great builds I found online and drooled over.

So I welcome you all to join me in all this drooling, because they are definitly worth it... and making me jealous off the skills of people out there!

Unikitty XL

Okay, we start off with this Unikitty build.  To a mega scale, the brick build Kitty from the The Lego Movie has been made now in statuette size, everything is indeed awesome...

60s Batcave

The Batboat is being maintained by Alfred, as the dynamic duo watches on

Alice in Wonderland

This build is actually running on Lego Ideas at the moment, and it definitly has my vote.  I always had a `thing` for the Alice story (especially the grim original one).

Egyptian Court

The details on this openroofed build are gorgeous, as is the war chariot and the myhtological characters included

Mech Attack

Love the interaction with the mech and the fleeing citizens

Oriental Temple

Full of character and feel, this is a very good looking piece of work


Remember the lava world where Episode 3 of Star Wars ended and Darth Vader was `born`... well, this is how many red bricks you need to build the lava!

Garden Gnome

A simple build to celebrate autumn, but so full of character.

Knight Rider

The builder has been suggested to run this on lego Ideas, but is holding that off for now.  A pity, I would definitly support and buy it if it made the cut.


The classic videogame character (admit it, you where shocked back then as well when it was revealed Seamus was a girl) in brick form.

So that concludes the first episode for this week.  If you want to see more awesome builds like that, join forums like Eurobricks, sites like MOCPages, Facebook is another great tool with awesome communities and builds, as is Google+...

It`s truly worth it, even if you aren`t a builder yourself, you will love the heaps of references, pop culture and more!

Until tomorrow!

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