dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

Lego Chima Magazines

Translated by Junior Press down here in the `low countries`, the Lego Chima magazine and the likes are always a decent buy in my book.

Coming usually with an exlusive minifigure, these magazines tend to go around 4 euros in the stores, and are generally worth that small bi-monthly amount if you ask me.

The most recent one came with a Sykor figure, the second exclusive figure after Crug the Crocodile that was with issue 1.

Issue 2 had something different, an icy prison and rack.  The icy transparent parts that came with that make it even a pity I only could find one copy in the local supermarket :-)

All in all, like I said, not to bad for the goodies you get with it as an AFOL, though the magazines themselves do have their `uppy` moments at times as well, even for an adult.


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