vrijdag 10 oktober 2014

Inspirational Lego day 5: the Ode to You and Me

The past week we have seen some awesome builds, which is why this series is called `inspirational` of course.

But for every builder out there creating those masterpieces, there are 99 others like you and me. 

We are the backbone of the Lego hobby.  The enthousiasts looking at those builds and `just wanting to do something like that`, though we might lack the skills, or the immense brick collections, or whatever reason.

The guys and galls buying those sets we love because they look good, because we collect them for display or for play value.

We are the ones that keep the company ship afloat, spending our saved up money on the little plastic bricks, and even though we might never become professional sculptors or certified professionals at all, we can dream up an idea just as well and build a lot different of things from all over the range.

We share them as well on Flickr, on MOCPages, on Eurobricks and who knows on which Facebook or Google+ group, and we jump for joy for any motivating comment or view we get.  We might never make the front pages of those dedicated Lego sites out there, but there is that one thing we do achieve everytime we sit down near our collection of bricks...

We `Play Well` ;-)

So especially for the last day of Inspirational Lego, here is a selection of builds the more regular builders have made the past weeks.  They might not be as spectacular as the ones of the previous four days, but they are build with the same passion and love never the less.

So if you have been enjoying the series the past 4 days, but still feel uneasy to drop (back) into the hobby, just take the plunge in good faith.  It`s worth it, it`s a very rewarding hobby and it will clear your mind from everyday hassle, wether it is actually building, or just looking and talking at other people`s creations... it sure does for me!

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