vrijdag 31 oktober 2014

Kickstarter Lego Project: Bricks of the Mouse Guard

The Mouse Guard is a series of rather awesome children comic books created by David Petersen, and featured in a pretty awesome MOC as well recently.

Coming to you by Guy Himber (of V&A Steamworks fame, and writer of the recent Lego Steampunk book) and his compatriots, a campaign has been launched on the Kickstarter platform.

This will make a set of Mouse Guard heads compatible with Lego, and for the pledge of only 25 USD (plus shipping) like I took, you will get the full set once of Mouse Guard heads and accessories, as well as the exclusive Crate of the Matriarch.

By the time I`m writing this, the project has already been funded and now it is time to get to those stretch goals and score some sweet extras for the limited time they will be available!

Find out more about this project over on Kickstarter here.

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