maandag 27 oktober 2014

Building Ideas: Efteling Architecture

Yesterday we went as I said to the Efteling with the whole family, and it was a blast.  Now, I did bring along my camera for once, as the amusement parc is reknowned for it`s Anton Pieck styled Fairy Tale Forest.

I figured, with a lot of the smaller kids around, this would be the first stop and that I could occupy myself in the meantime with taking some photo`s for having ideas to build later on.  Boy did this turn out different...

Those `little kids` (we`re talking age range 5 to 9 here) wanted to go rollercoaster, swinging boat and more of that... things this very heroic person faithfully watched while guarding the backpacks and such hehe.

But at the end of the visit, the parc was open an extra hour, we did went to the forest, and in the dark it is even more beautiful then during daytime, as it gets very atmospheric.

So I managed after all to snap away a load of pictures and have already found a few which will be a big help in inspiring some builds the coming months...

And thus concluded a nice day out with the family, and a brain on overload as my brickvision is kicking in ;-)

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  1. Great looking buildings. I particularly liked the 13th and would expect to model a small cottage based upon this house.