maandag 27 oktober 2014

AoM Phase II Stables - Preparing for snow

When it starts snowing in Mitgardia, it really can snow mightly hard.  And then it is time to stable all our fine northern horses to wait out for better weather and groom those loyal steeds.

The second phase of the Stables tree states you need to build, well, a stable.  Where phase I was just a horse and rider, the second part of the build line requires to have a structure where horses can pass the days and have a rest.

Oddly enough, when I was uploading the pictures from my camera into my Age of Mitgardia folder, it seems I have subconsciously developped something I might be calling `my style`.  Looking at my storehouse, regular house, now this stable and other builds, the grey to brown to grey again seems to be becoming something of a red line through my builds.  Rather odd, as I don`t tend to look at my other builds when working at the latest ones.

I opted for this build for an open stable, including a watering `bench`, slight Mitgardian colour accent, and snowy roof with some additional snow on the ground where it has slid off from the particular roof.

To tie in with the first build of the line, I incorporated the rider from there and his horse (which is from the Prince of Persia line) as he is preparing to feed his mount before unsaddling and stabling it.

I hope you like it.

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