woensdag 8 oktober 2014

The Great Experiment: Lego vs Magic values

I blame Benji for this.  He asked me about Lego sets worth investing in, but truth to be told, I know jack sh*t about that.

But he got me thinking.  Until now, I always thought Magic: the Gathering, or card games and trading cards in open order, the more intresting option.  It provides a steady flow to trade around with over the internet to get my Minifigures complete and the occassional small set to be gotten from them.

But what would actually be the better investment?  In both cases, your probably ending up with for every `money rare`, you got a shelf full of common dump junk.  Agreed, the Lego can then be parted out and used in builds, but that is not the idea here, we`re talking `straight of the shelf` boxed sets.

So I`m going to take on that idea and do an experiment.  I still have heaps of boxed sets, I got tons of cards to still trade away, so I`m going to calculate around and go for the nominal worth of the collections for 1.000 euros each.

Now, the experiment will consist of:

Which one between Lego and Trading Cards will earn back in it`s value first?

The rules are:

* Only still boxed and sealed Lego sets - no parting, no minifigs only, just pure boxed sets.

* Only single cards - no unopened boosters of boxes, just single cards

Calculating the values of what I have lying around using the regular channels like Brickpicker for Lego and MagicCardMarket and Trade Cards Online for cards, I can say that my current existing collection is worth:

Lego - 896.17 euro in closed sets and polybags
Cards - 687.93 euro in single cards

From these, I already traded around a fair share for the smurf`s Harry Potter cards, my minifigures, more Lord of the Rings sets and the likes.  So even though I don`t actually see a single dime for these with all the exchanging, this doesn`t mean I can count it`s value and add to the total.

That means I still have `leverage` to add to both collections (you know, finding something on a market or such, or an end of collection buy etc...) of 103.83 euros for Lego sets and 312.07 euros for Magic cards maximum for the purpose of this experiment.

Never the less, for purpose of oversight I`m going to be putting a small line for those in the sidebar at the `goals` section, but put the values already at 1.000 as well as adding the value of the traded for sets and cards of the last months, and every month I will update it with a small review of affairs in this experiment.

And hopefully soon answer the question: what would be the better investment, Lego bricks or magic cards...

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