woensdag 8 oktober 2014

X-Men Days of Future Past review

Based on probably one of the best comic series storylines Marvel has ever produced, this movie is the second one based on the `First Class`, the reboot of the X-men franchise... or was it?

In this tale, we can count on Hugh jackman, retaking his role of Wolverine, take to the spotlight, as he is send back in time (in the comics, it was Kitty) to prevent the creation of a timeline where Sentinels would eliminate almost all mutants.

These Sentinels nowadays are fluidic metal robots, able to adapt to whatever mutant power is facing them.  This apparently comes from introducing DNA from Mystique in their development, and giving them cameleon like abilities. 

We start the movie with an epic battle seeing mutants get killed, but by sending Bishop a few days through time each time, they can prevent the attacks from happening, but Professor X and Magneto have decided to go back further and end it once and all.

However, though it would have been Charles (Patrick Stewart retakes the mantle here), but as they know his body wouldn`t be able to take the strain, Wolverine with his fast healing factor is sent back instead.

And so Logan finds himself hurled back to 1973 to prevent Raven from killing Bolivar Trask.

X`s school, 10 years after the first movie, is in decay as it has been closed down for years.  Hank still lives there with a serum addicted Charles, which allows him to use his legs in exchange for supressing his powers.

In Trasks vault in the meantime, we learn autopsy reports of a lot of mutants from the First Class movie, like Azazel and Banshee, wiping them out of this timeline in one go.  With the help from Beast, Logan and Prof X recruit Quicksilver to free Magneto, blamed for the JFK assassination, though he claims he wanted to save the former president as he was one of them (not telling either a mutant or a sympathiser though).

Magneto tries to kill Mystique to prevent the timeline from happening, but this only helps reveal mutantkind to humanity, and they manage to obtain her DNA from some blood spilled in the battle.  Logan in the meantime is confronted by William Stryker, the man that will become responsible for the Weapon X program and his creation (Logan now sports boneclaws, as in 1973 the adamantium hadn`t been fused to his bones yet...)

The attack causes president Nixon to approve the Sentinel program, allowing the creation of 8 prototypes (looking like the giant Sentinels we know from the comics).  However, Magneto takes over control of the machines and turns them against ordinary humans instead of mutants, but just in time Professor X can convince Mystique that the future can and is already altered, ending the cycle in the future just at the moment the Sentinels, after having killed almost everyone, burst in on Charles and Kitty...

Contrary to the hype this movie generated, I still thought First Class the better movie.  Okay, this one has a lot more special effects and epic battles, but this also tends to overrule the story at times.  Including Wolverine did push the fanbase into the hype of course, but I for one am glad he is finally, definitly (well, as if in comics...) killed off by Marvel, according to them for good.

But no matter which incarnation, Magneto remains the coolest badass mutant around...

It is a nice touch on how First Class didn`t turn out to be the reboot everyone thought it would be, but instead was a full part of the continuation.  Make sure to watch the teaser AFTER the credits for what is still to come!

Ooh, and Blink, she was a knocker in this movie ;-)

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  1. I quite enjoyed the movie. Not really a comic book reader. Wolverine has become a bit repetitive in the movies I hope they focus on some more different characters.