donderdag 2 oktober 2014

Ahhh, kids these days...

It`s a common saying heard all over Avalonia, Kaliphin and even Nocturnus.  Parents telling their children `watch out for the wildlife when you go outside`.

But in Midgardia, the wildlife says to each other `Watch out for the kids when you go out!`

Like I stated many times, I really like the Chima sets.  Not per se for the theme all by itself, but for all those handy MOC elements, cool minifigures that are useable in medieval fantasy, and the amount of ice, fire and tan coloured elements you tend to get together.

I liked the Legendary Beast Wolf that came out last year, and as they tend to be not to expensive, showing up at -30% average these days in most stores here, I always wanted to `do something` with the big white wolf.  Use it as a mount or something.

But during my `moccing time` I had today (knocking together 4 to 5 builds, the last one is a `dual purpose` one actually, but more on that in a later build), my eye cought my Lil` Red Riding Hood collectible minifig... and I just started putting things together...

And actually like the result :-)

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