zaterdag 18 oktober 2014

The Plan - week 36

Lego Lego Lego... it`s about the only game I still play.  I cancelled my WoW and EVE subs and am running them to the end, but after that it is the definitive end for me paying subscriptions for games.

The reason is simple, time restraints.  I got yet again knee issues, so I was forced to basically sit still the whole week, which adds to your game time and helps in the movie backlog, but the half year before that I rarely got any decent `sessions` in.

And then it is rather silly paying the monthly fee for like 5 hours a month of gaming after all.  And I forgot Pirate Day again in wow anyways.  Better to play a free game that doesn`t require guilds, corporations or whatever and play when you can, in a game that can be solo played.

I have been focussing this week on trying to complete first and foremost the remaining `worlds` achievements to great success.  Both Pirate and Space world have been done completely, so only the global achievements remain.

I managed to score the 10.000 `kills` doing this week, but the final remaining achievement for now, smash 100.000 opponents, is going to take quite a while.  I estimate that if a run the Pocket Adventures daily with the occassional Epic Dungeon or storyline dungeon added in the mix, I can smash around 100 to 500 on a good day monsters.  So we are talking a LOT of days here before that one will ever pop.

Past monday saw a 6 hour downtime in the game, but this turned out to be for the sole purpose of some issue fixing and server maintenance (severely decreasing load times entering and exciting of instances), not yet the newest part on the `to appear` list of The Lost Creations.  This is rumoured to become a `gamblers man` set of minigames where progress keeps wielding better and better rewards.

I maxed out my level as well this week, and now I am spending my time upgrading to the current maximum all the minifigures I have collected, while trying to collect them all.  I now only miss 22 still out of the possible 71 available, though 2 of them, Series 8 DJ and Fairy, can`t be gotten yet.  They where the other nominees for the Lego Club Magazine free code, but that became the Galaxy Patrol in the end and as such aren`t implemented in the game.  The other obscure bloke is Mr Gold, just like his real life counterpart very hard and limited to find.  His parts only drop in the Epic Dungeons at a rate comparable to Rivendare`s steed in WoW... and you need 3 different parts...

Of the others, there is about a dozen I still can collect from parts dropping in the various world`s from champions and instances, but all the rest has to be obtained from either bags or by having luck with converting double figures into additional parts.

The first target?  Finally trying to get that Body part to complete the Revolutionary Soldier, so I`m going to be pushing mostly in the Pirate World (where he `drops`) to try and complete him this week.

The grind is on!

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