maandag 20 oktober 2014

AoM Barracks phase 2 MoC: Fight!


The word echoed over the training grounds as the mock up fights began.

Young warriors from various places had gathered, and seek some Mitgardian weapons training for the inenvitable fights that would be coming in the future.  the North was a warrior race, and the North would be completely able to defend itself should people need protecting.

Looking at the grave of his fallen friend, the master thought of how he had accidently decapitated him during a duel fight.  Sadness overcame him, they should have hold back their blows instead of trying to best each other like they did ever since childhood...


The sound of wood versus bone was loud.  Looking to his trainees, he saw that one of them had handed out a shield bash to the chest of his opponent.

Ouch, Brutality...

The second phase of the Barracks tree line in Age of Mitgardia required a training grounds to be made.  I opted for the traditional training field in which young warriors test their mettle against each others, wielding a variety of weapons like in the old days of gladiatorial combat.

The grave next to the master is a reference to my phase 1 build, in order to show a bit of chronological evolution in the build.

And of course, the fluff text is a reference to that one particular game about every 30 something bloke these days has grown up with ;-)

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