vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

Captain Bricath, scifi sigfig... but also The Swamp

A small vignette I put together to get a Sig-Fig done for any future space builds I might put together, this is actually the dual-purpose build I talked about yesterday.  

While it`s fantasy styled look will be posted below, it`s initial idea was that of a minifig wading through slimy swamps, scanning for some odd lifeforms.

The second build is the same swampy water and odd alien looking tree, but by replacing the space figure with a medieval minifig, the whole tone of the build oddly changes.  Now it looks like a lone warrior making the trek through some outlandish swamp.

The build itself isn`t that challenging, posed on a 6 by 6 plate, and I just wanted to try and capture the look of the hanging branches of foliage from a willow by using trails of purple studs, and greenish looking dirty water, because I have an abundance of both colours from an earlier PAB visit (which reminds me I should go loot that wall again in the near future).

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