donderdag 2 oktober 2014

Two intresting sets in the 2015 Princess line

Well surely it is Friends and some people think that is girls only.

I`m not one of them.  I often dare snatch up Friends sets because they tend to contain an intresting series of pieces in different colours of most mainstream ranges.

This goes especcially for these 2 sets that are tend to be out in 2015.

The smaller Aladin set comes with a nice range of golden pieces, and the carpet is genius, especially should it turn out the pattern is printed instead of a decal.

Elza`s Castle is intresting in that it contains a lot of icy elements.

So from a MOCcing point of view, they are going on my radar, and if I tend to bump against them in some discount action or they drop low in cost on BrickLink, I`m hauling them along for the pieces...

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