donderdag 23 oktober 2014

AoM Mill Phase 2: Down by the (Icky) River

After I deliberatly placed my phase 1 in Kaliphlim as a trade relationship to Mitgardia and linking it that way to our noble icy lands, I went for phase 2 with a Nocturnus influenced build.

This is a nice way to break up the building of wooden houses and snowy landscapes, yet allows me to connect the dots all to the village of Merak and other cities in Mitgardia, giving the idea behind the build`s fluff some substance and explanation.  And i still have a lot of purple bricks to do something with from an earlier PAB wall visit this year ;-)

In the southern regions of Mitgardia, where the lands of the Northmen border the dark swamps of Nocturnus, the waters are tainted.

Filled with the dirt and foul sorceries that come out of these dark lands, the region might not be to suitable for the local population to work with, but as in any good economy, a solution is often simple.

Hence when a traveller goes that far south, he will often encounter workers from the Dark Lands there, trying to earn a bit of coin in exchange for their labour.  Due to their higher resistance for the influences of their homelands, these workers are sought after to man the watermills and other places of `industry`.

Szzzz`tik and Skrat are two such Nocturnus workers, manning a small watermill on a southern bystream.  Even though the waters a foul, dirty and slightly noxious, their resistance to this make them highly treasured workers of the Mitgardian way of life.

Though their are voices in the Nocturnus government implying they are actually enslaved and forced labourers, not a single expat has returned to his himeland yet to confirm these vile rumours!

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