woensdag 8 oktober 2014

Inspirational Lego day 3 - into Space

We leave the world of knights and dragons behind us today, and take the stellar transport to visit the outer reaches of space in the third instalment of this weeks miniseries `Inspirational Lego`.

Space has been a mainstay of the Lego line since 1978, making it the theme of which most sets have been released.  Add to that the Star Wars franchise and the large availability of source material in television shows, books, movies, video games etc... and the MOC`cer has a wide range to get inspired by.


Like for example this awesome, fully fittable beastie from the classic Alien movie series.

Spot the female Green Astronaut

This was a game at a large US con past weekend.  Somewhere between all the various green astronauts (they came in the EXO Suit Ideas set, so don`t bother to count how much this must actualy have costed), was a single female version...

Spy Drone

Some works of sci-fi inlcude miniature, insect spy drones.  Here is one build with the funny picture camera twist...

Clone Base

A very large Clone Base diorama, with scenery front and detailed interiors


Star Wars mosaics, or how to make your living room that more impressive...

Space Base

Using the color scheme of the classic Space line, this is one humongous lunar base

Solar Sailer

From the Tron: Legacy movie comes this nifty barge

Eagle bay

Space 1999 had cool utility ships called Eagle`s.  This builder has made a full base of them...

I am Groot

I wonder if this version also dances to the Jackson Five

Mining Barge

A very bulky and good looking industrial vessel

Star Trek Runabout

Your all purpose vessel from Deep Space Nine, here are two versions of it

Event Horizon

Hopefully, this version isn`t powered by a Black Hole generator...

EVA 01

Okay, this is damn cool from one of the rawest mecha anime`s out there.


Our first interstellar `ships` launched by mankind

Aboard the Sulaco

Another Aliens based build, this cryo sleep bay uses the same trick as the movies to look huge: mirrors

Battlestar Galactica

This looks straight from the opening sequence of the original series

The Millenium Pidgeon

Maybe Han should have gambled harder to get a Falcon...

Caldari Frigate

EVE Online has many odd angled vessels, and are challenging to pull off

Satellite tower

On a lush planet, contact was lost with a small satellite control station

Metro 33

From the post apocalyptic novels comes this human hide-out

And that is it for today, a small selection of all those awesome science fiction based builds out there.  Like before, if you want to see more, join some of the great resources out there, it`s worth your time for sure!

Tomorrow, I`m visiting the more `regular` builds that I saw on the web, ranging from pirates to current day items, only to conclude with a `special` on friday.  And then my backlog should be more or less worked by ;-)

Cheerios, and may the Brick be with you!

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