zondag 19 oktober 2014

Building Cap vs Hydra

What better Lego build to post today then the Captain America vs Hydra set, following my opinion on the Winter Soldier movie I posted this morning.

Released with the first movie, set 76017 features cap on his motorcycle facing of the Red Skull (with the Cosmic Cube) and a henchman in a Hydra all terrain vehicle.

Opening the box, we find two plastic bags, the instruction booklet, decal sheet (which I won`t be using, as the model is not going on display afterwards but parted out) and a small comic book.

The minifigures are top notch, though for the Hydra trooper and the Red Skull I don`t have any plans, they will probably end up in the parts boxes as well and be used partly for other things or so.

But Captain America, he is one figure I will have definite use for in the future.

The first thing that gets build is his motorcycle, including a clip at the back to connect his shield to when he is zipping around.

Then we start building the chassis of the Hydra ATV.

The top plate is attached to build the bodywork on.

The suspesion is 2x2 wheels on each side on technic axles, meaning the car can crawl easily over your desktop obstacles like pens.

The bodywork itself is build up using olive green hull parts, very handy parts for me to keep aside and build with in the future.

So at the end of bag 1, we have the motorcycle and the basis of the car including the drivers `pit`.

Starting bag 2, this is mainly about the turret of the car and it`s base is attached first.

Windows and the exhaust pipes are added as well to the bodywork.

We then proceed to start building the turret itself where the trooper will be taking place in.

Once this is completed including missiles, the turret is attached to the bodywork.

The car now stands completed, and like with any sets we get some left over pieces, the ceehse slopes, clear studs and yellow round plate are good parts for later builds.

And so the set stands completed.

Not the most exciting of builds to be honest, but well, I have had worse before and like I said, it was mainly Cap I was after, the rest being just parts for builds.  The car in the meantime has already been taken apart again, but if you are a Marvel afficionado, it is a nice set to get as you get the two enemies since the 1940s in a set that is relatively cheap these days.

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