zaterdag 25 oktober 2014

The Plan - Week 37

I achieved the goal I set myself this past week, I`ve gotten myself the Revolutionary Soldier minifigure. 

A member of the hardest to find colour of minifigs (blue), after duly grinding the Pirate World and exchanging completed but already collected figures for random parts, he finally has gotten his chestpiece to be able to build him.

That also concludes grinding the Pirate World as first stop for now, as there are no more non-collected minifigures in there, just the Pocket and Dungeon adventures for extra parts and hopefully good exchanges to complete missing models.  The grinds this week also resulted in completing the Evil Mech and the Baseball Fielder models, but now my options are getting limited.

The main grind to try and level up all figures I possess now needs about 8000 starts to go from rank 1 to current maximum rank 7, and all skills unlocked.  I will be doing this mostly in the Medieval world now, as there the blue rarity model, the Scientist, is also still on the missing to the collection section ;-)

Apart from that, the only worlds I can currently try and get models from drops are Dinosaur world, but this one currently has no Pocket Adventures and only 4 `world champions` that *might* drop pieces to complete both the Paintball Player and the Scarecrow figures, so that is going to be a loooooong grind at current.

But once those are collected, I only have the remaining option of the last Series 12 figures to add (I do this gradually, depending what the smurf pulls from his bags, and I as such remove those particular models from the set I`ve put aside for him to `trade`), but all the rest of the remaining models are `collect by swapping in parts` only...

Until next week, and hopefully then with the Scientist in the collection!

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