zaterdag 4 oktober 2014

The Plan week 34

This week, or more precisely this weekend`s beginnings, has been a happy time for the inner gamer.

Though before that I was just playing Ninjago on the Vita, the latest of Lego inspired games, I managed to clock in some other thingies as well.

Ninjago: Nindroids is the newest 3DS / Vita Lego game, based on the popular franchise in it`s rebooted line.  I already managed to complete the full story line, and am now slowly working my way to the platinum, something I aim to complete during the off time at next weekends family outing.

But yesterday was the top for my gaming activities.  The GF played through the second episode of the Season 2 of The walking Dead, and Kenny is back!  Thought dead in the first series, he made a reapparance, and we also get to meet the first character from the small 400 days episodes interlude.  Bonnie is the first character to appear from this short series of tales, apparently now a member of this season`s antagonist, Carver.

Some intrigues have already been layed bare, but there are still a lot of secrets lying hidden, so I`m looking forward to when she continues the play.

Another great update was there yesterday as well for Minifigures Online.  A new world is openend, Dino Rise, and yeah, as the title says it is all centered around Dinosaurs and the Dino tracker from the collectible series.  When this post is done, I`m jumping in and fully start playing the level ;-)

Changes to the game are most notably that the level cap has risen again, not the upgrades bar though for now, and that you can`t level anymore in the very low level areas like the Pirate Island as you won`t gain XP from those.  Not a bad decision at all, at max level, those where a breeze to knock together all the needed XP to reach the cap...

The first series 12 minifig I got was with my free bag a month due to membership, the Spooky Girl.  And creepy she is indeed, as one of her powers is transforming into a giant spider...

For the coming week, I`m going to barge into this portal and try to complete Dino World and max out my levels, as well as hopefully, finally get that final episode of Wolf Among Us played!

Until the next time, unless a Walker or a T-Rex get to me first!

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