zaterdag 4 oktober 2014

Definite Chima targets for 2015

I keep on repeating myself, I LOVE the Chima range for moccing materials.

And these pictures of the releases for 2015 only make me more enthousiastic...

Every wave of Chima has a small set range, usually around 10 euros, like the Legend Beasts before (and which I bought big time for both bricks and pieces, as well as the minifigs...) and 2015 has a range of `Tribe packs`.

I`m so going to get a heap of them, especially these sets: Ice Bears and Sabretooth Tigers.  icy elements, cool minifigs, what is there for me not to like.

At 3 Minifigs and 75ish parts total, these aren`t going to be expensive sets, since they aren`t franchise sets either.  So when a very intresting promo turns up in the online shop, these guys will get the honour of filling the required values...

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