dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

First Minifigure Series 13 rumour has appeared

Well, it`s normally for around februari / march I think if the usual ratio is anything to go by, but this has some intresting entries.

The names are apparently only `placeholders` mind you, but if going by the cardboard minifig next to it, that has one VERY intresting underside for MoC`cing

The other ones on my `hit list` will depend on the final look of the figures, but a Confederate Officr is going to be hot seeing one has already a lot of Union troops available.

The Army man I expect to be in the `Jackets` style, not modern day, as Lego has a policy against that, and it could fit in seeing the abundant presence of Jackets in the new MMO.

Other probably intresting models for me personally are at first site the Ghoul and Snake Charmer, so i estimate a 4 definite targets for my personal collection.

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